Is Free Email Marketing Software Right For You?

email marketing for freeIs free email marketing software application something you should be considering for your business? To address this concern it is very important to clarify exactly what is meant by the term “totally free.” There are really 2 classifications of software application that utilize this terms. The first is software application that has no monthly expenses related to the product and the 2nd is a service that has no associated costs for a trial duration, generally thirty days.

For lots of online marketers who are simply starting out online, the desire to conserve money can often be the primary motivation behind their systems choices. This is typically exactly what leads people to sign up for free e-mail marketing software application that has no ongoing monthly expenses. Although this may sound attractive in the beginning, there are some things that have to be comprehended about utilizing this kind of arrangement. For beginners most business offering a totally free service location marketing on the outgoing emails sent by their users. Considering that they are not charging a month-to-month use charge, their expenditures are covered through the placement of paid ads on all outbound emails. These services likewise have constraints on the functionality of the free account. A business might limit a free account to having no more than 500 e-mail recipients. Anything above that number incurs an ongoing monthly charge or requires the migration to a paid service. Another constraint often found on these types services is the number of online e-mail marketing pieces that can be sent out on a regular monthly basis. Aside from these disadvantages there are other performance restrictions in locations of tracking, split and design testing.

The other common plan totally free email marketing software is a trial offer of the software. In this type of arrangement the full performance of the software application is unlocked for completion user, so they can successfully evaluate the efficiency and abilities of the program. Usually the only limitations are on the number of permitted marketing list subscribers and on the total number of emails that can be sent during the trial duration. Unlike the plan pointed out above, trial duration software application includes no 3rd party marketing. All functionalities of the system are readily available for screening and the total performance of the software application can be efficiently measured.

While it may at first seem like a smart idea to conserve cash, it is necessary that anyone severe about constructing their company through online email marketing take a long term point of view. With the traffic generation tools readily available to a marketer today, the capability to grow a newsletter of over 500 people in a brief time period is well within reach. Needing to go back and move that subscriber list to another service at a later time is not only a hassle, but it develops an opportunity to lose a large number of customers, just since they do not opt-in to the new e-mail marketing service. In the long run, the headaches triggered by utilizing this kind of totally free e-mail marketing software may end up being more pricey than any monetary savings that might have been understood.


It is a much more sensible strategy to make use of a free e-mail marketing software as a test drive for a paid service. The paid service will offer much higher functionality to their clients and will likewise have higher versatility for customizing e-mail campaigns to the needs of business that is being promoted. The best use of this trial duration is to find out the functionality of the system, so that it is being fully taken full advantage of once the account moves from a free trial to paid subscription status.

Free e-mail marketing software application is a fantastic tool for getting familiarity with a paid marketing platform; nevertheless, it is not recommended that it be used as the main tool for an e-mail marketing technique.

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